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What could you do with it?
How does it feel? Can you eat it?
Have you seen this before?

If your child is good at language it will help them to have a good start at primary school! In Todderlab and Preschoolerlab you will experience what your child learns in pre-school or primary school. For example, they will do small tests or games to learn new words and improve their language skills. It is important that your child also speaks and plays at home, to improve their language. In Toddlerlab and Preschoolerlab you will learn how you can do this together with your child, in your own home.

Welcome to Toddlerlab and Preschoolerlab

In Todderlab or Preschoolerlab you will do small tests and games together with your child either at daycare or at primary school. There is a Todderlab Professor that will show you how you can do this together with your child. You will learn what your child likes to do, how you can play together and how to practice their language skills. You will also learn how to do this at home.

Todderlab at home

After every Todderlab or Preschoolerlab you will get a “take-home” flyer. On this flyer there are words that you can practice at home with your child, including assignments that he or she likes to do. For example, you will play a game, make a puzzle or sing a song. Together with your child you will make a drawing about the activities you did at home. At the next Todderlab you can give the “take-home” flyer back to the Todderlab Professor.

Todderlab Professor

The things you learn from the Todderlab professor have reference to how to play with your child and practice language. These things are based on research. This means that we know from research that this way of playing and practicing with your child really improves their language, and therefore they will have a better start in primary school!

The teachers at daycare or at primary school can tell you more where and when Todderlab will take place at your child’s daycare or primary school.

Join in to help improve your child’s language skills!

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